VK koue weer: Poolontploffing om 18C te laat daal namate kaarte ysblou word | Weer | Nuus

VK koue weer: Poolontploffing om 18C te laat daal namate kaarte ysblou word | Weer | Nuus

A polar blast is set to bring an 18-degree temperature drop as weer maps turn icy blue and the UK prepares to freeze.

The wave of cold air coming from Scandinavia will see temperature plummet from 14C in the day time to a chilly -4C at night in some parts of the UK.

The big freeze is expected to deepen from Thursday, with areas in the south such as London, will see close-to-freezing temperatures that will barely rise into single figures over the weekend.

According to WXCharts, the cold will come in over the north coast over Friday and temperatures will remain low over the next few days.

The arrival of this intense period of koue weer will mark a significant shift for many in the UK after a mild autumn.

Forecast for Exacta Weather, James Madden, explained what we know so far about this chilly period.

He said: “The first major wintry blast of the season will arrive later this week, and from Friday, we are expecting to see snow as Arctic air spills across the country.

“There is some uncertainty as to how far south this will reach, and the brunt of this wintry spell will be felt across the north of the country.

“However, eastern parts of England could see some snow, as could central and southern regions, and this could reach lower levels.”

Mr Madden’s comments are reflected in the Met Kantoor’s latest update for the next few days.

In a statement, they said: “Colder conditions continuing to sink south Friday, with wintry showers in the northeast. Mostly dry and sunny over the weekend with a widespread frost at first.”

The lower temperatures have led many to consider whether or not the UK will get sneeu on Kersfees hierdie jaar.

Commenting on this possibility, the Met Kantoor’s Deputy Chief Forecaster Helen Caughey said it was too early to make any firm predictions.

She explained: “Already there is a lot of media speculation about the prospects for snow later this week and for a white Christmas.

“Whilst it is too early to give any indications for Christmas, some colder weather is likely for the end of the week, and into the weekend.

“There is a reasonably strong signal for lower temperatures across the UK by the weekend. But that isn’t guaranteed, and those lower temperatures don’t mean widespread snow.

“There is a 70 per cent chance that areas as far south as southern England could experience overnight frosts and a general reduction in temperature.”

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