Die pragtige dorpie lê op die rand van 'n krans wat die risiko loop om in die see te val | Wêreld | Nuus

Die pragtige dorpie lê op die rand van 'n krans wat die risiko loop om in die see te val | Wêreld | Nuus

It is a beautiful, cliff-top town in Corsica where scores of homes are at risk of plunging into the sea due to centuries of erosion.

Bonifacio sits on the southern tip of the Mediterranean island and is known for its clifftop citadel, dubbed the « City of Cliffs ».

High winds, strong currents and landslides have led to severe erosion at the base of the limestone cliff upon which the town is perched.

A dramatic overhang now means up to 30 houses are at risk of tumbling into the waves below.

In 2019, a state of emergency was declared when parts of the town’s medieval fortress crumbled amid strong winds.

A report published in 2018 said climate change was part of the reason the coast is eroding, adding extreme strorms and rising sea levels are increasing the risks.

Also known as Corsica’s Land’s End, Bonifacio itself was established in the ninth centry and is hailed by the island’s tourism authority as an ideal base to explore the south.

Corsica.co.uk says the town is a popular destination for visitors in search of villa or hotel stays in the region.

It recommends strolling through Bonaficio’s harbour and taking a trip to the Iles de Lavezzis for an opportunity to see nearby « magnificent » coastal rock formations.

The citadel’s walls and houses in the old town boasts stunning views and narrow streets lined with shops, according to Corsica.co.uk.

Sardinia is also an hour’s ferry ride away from the town.

A massive outcrop of limestone cliff fallen into the sea, known as the grain de sable, can be seen by looking over the wall at the top of the hill in the old town.

You can fly to Bonifacio, landing at Figari-Sud Corse Airport, about 20 minutes from the port.

Air Corsica, British Airways, Swiss Air, Air France and other European airlines cover the route with taxis from the airport costing some €50, according to ferryscanner.com.

Bonifacio can be reached by road via two routes connecting the town with the rest of the island.

The capital Ajaccio is a little over two hours away by car with buses from Ajaccio taking about four hours to reach Bonifacio.

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