Reeksverkragter in Florida gevang na 'n maand op vlug | VSA | Nuus

Reeksverkragter in Florida gevang na 'n maand op vlug | VSA | Nuus

A serial rape suspect who escaped from a Tennessee jail a month ago has finally been captured in Pinellas County, Florida, where he remains awaiting extradition. 

Sean Williams, who has been compared to serial killer Ted Bundy by authorities, was arrested after a convenience store worker recognized his tattoo and phoned the police. 

The 52-year-old is accused of raping more than 50 women, and used a paperclip to let his handcuffs loose, before running away from the Greenville jail.

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« I just felt weird about it, so I rang him up, » the clerk said. « He bought a hot dog. And then I went outside and I followed sort of around the corner to see where he was going, and he disappeared. »

She continued: « I called the police and told them. He was in my store. I know who he was. »

The police came almost immediately, but Williams managed to escape again. 

It took a police dog tracking Williams down to finally bring him in. 

Williams allegedly worked with a female accomplice to lure young women into his home. 

Once they were there, it is claimed he drugged them and raped them. 

One victim was so severely drugged that she crashed into a lamp post and died instantly when she tried to escape. 

The « predator » is currently being held without bond, and is awaiting extradition back to Tennessee. 

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