'Gelukkige' Lucy Letby tronk toe geskuif met luukse en suite-stort en 24-uur-beskerming | VK | Nuus

'Gelukkige' Lucy Letby tronk toe geskuif met luukse en suite-stort en 24-uur-beskerming | VK | Nuus

Evil baby killer Lucy Letby has been relocated to a comfortable private jail which comes with round the clock protection. The former maternity nurse has a cell with an en suite shower, desk, phone and TV.

However, despite her creature comforts, Letby’s status in her new home – Bronzefield Prison – is causing anger amongst fellow inmates. Letby, 33, is reported to have moved from the hardy Low Newton jail in County Durham, to HMP Bronzefield near Ashford in Surrey.

The sickened nurse has attempted to change her appearance by dying her hair brown. She now enjoys 24-hour protection and doesn’t have a prison job.

A source told The Sun: « Letby seems happy as Larry. She is in a nice cell and on her own. The facilities at Bronzefield are much nicer than most jails, because it’s privately run. She is with prisoners who have earned more rights to watch TV, spend their cash and have visits.

« It is a disgrace and it’s no wonder she’s been looking so happy. She seems to be being treated with kid gloves because of who she is. » Letby, from Hereford, was given a whole life sentence for the murder of seven babies at the Countess of Chester Hospital in 2015 and 2016.

A Bronzefield spokesman said: “We can’t comment on individual cases.”

While she was being remanded in custody, Letby was reported to have been living it up, playing board games and relaxing with her new inmates. The baby killer struck up a blood curdling friendship with two inmates – one of whom killed her 42-day-old baby after feeding her adult painkillers.

Michelle Smith was sentenced to life in 2007 after the murder of her daughter Amy. A jury at Swansea Crown Court found her unanimously guilty of murdering the defenceless baby at her home in Morriston, Swansea, Wales.

Aged 34 at the time, she was told by the judge that she murdered her daughter to satisy her craving for attention.

Letby is said to have formed a close friendship with Smith, enjoying « movie nights » and « karaoke » while on remand.

Smith’s baby was repeatedly poisoned with the powerful painkiller dihydrocodeine which is never given to babies and rarely to children.

Judge Spencer said: « The giving of this drug to Amy required, as it must have done, the crushing of tablet or tablets, which involved a significant degree of planning and ­premeditation. »

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