Gewapende mans hou afleweringsbestuurder vir 14 uur gyselaar nadat hy hul slaai vergeet het | VK | Nuus

Gewapende mans hou afleweringsbestuurder vir 14 uur gyselaar nadat hy hul slaai vergeet het | VK | Nuus

Two men were filmed threatening to shoot firearms officers during a 14-hour siege after they held a delivery driver hostage when they received a cold chicken kebab.

Paul Burton, 46, and Nathan Turner, 38, high on vodka and Valium, took to Facebook Live to record the stand-off.

He is heard telling police: « I ordered two kebabs. The geezer sat outside my flat for 45 minutes so I thought it was only fair, seeing as he forgot my salad and it was cold, that he would have to wait upstairs with me for an hour.

« So I’d like to report a crime, they stole my salad and they stole the heat off my takeaway. »

CCTV shows Burton roaming a corridor with a large air rifle with a telescopic sight, reports the spieël.

A neighbour says in a 999 call: « It looked like an AK47. » Burton threatened to shoot the first officer who walked through the door.

Police marksmen surrounded the block in Bedford and called for the men to come out. One yells back: « Come through my f***ing door and I’ll kill you coppers in a heartbeat. »

Turner films a cache of weapons including an axe, scythe and truncheon and says: « If anyone tries to come into my house you better be bringing guns, you better be bringing knives, because that scythe is going in one of your heads. »

A new episode of the Channel 4 series 24 Hours in Police Custody takes viewers behind the scenes of the incident in November last year.

Siege commander Supt Steve Ashdown positioned one officer ready to fire a lethal shot if necessary. Burton is also filmed on an eighth-floor balcony aiming at officers. A radio crackles: « I’ve been shot at, I’ve been shot at. »

A 22 pellet had been fired into the windscreen of a dog unit car. Back on Facebook, Turner, recently banned from seeing his daughter, tells followers: « I’ve lost everything. If I get shot, it’s been nice knowing you all. »

The men eventually gave themselves up. The RSPCA took snakes and lizards from the flat, including a 13ft python. Burton admitted attempted GBH and having an imitation firearm and was jailed for seven years.

Turner admitted affray and criminal damage and was sentenced to 20 months.

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